Acknowledging the importance of personal information protection, Good Smile Company, Inc. (“Company” or “we”) undertakes our corporate social responsibility to use and safeguard personal information properly. We are committed to protecting all personal information we may collect and retain.

Article 1 (Definition)

We properly handle and manage personal information in compliance with applicable laws, ordinances, governmental guidelines, and other rules and norms. The definitions of key words used herein are in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (“Personal Information Protection Act”) and relevant laws and ordinances.

Article 2 (Collection of Personal Information)

  1. We collect personal information from users of the Company’s services (“Services”) and our business partners (collectively “Users” or “you”) by legitimate and proper means.
  2. You provide specific personal information before log-in to the Company websites to use the Services. Required items of personal information are described in the relevant form on the website. We cannot provide you with the Services if you do not submit the required information items.
  3. We may collect the following personal information from you to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use in Article 3 below.

[Items of personal information we collect]

  • Name and address
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Billing information
  • IP address, Cookie data, and other online identifiers

[Source of collection]

  • Direct collection from the data subject
  • Indirect collection from the data subject (such as the IP address collected upon your browsing of the Company’s websites)

Article 3 (Purposes of Use of Personal Information)

  1. We use your personal information for the following purposes only to their extent.
    • To provide you with the Services
    • To deliver to you the Company’s goods that you ordered
    • To plan, develop, maintain, and improve the Services
    • To inform you of important messages and notices regarding the Services
    • To answer or respond to your comments and requests
    • To inform you of our latest news and various seminars and trade shows
    • To provide you with information about newly released goods and the Services
    • To deliver to you the materials, catalogs, or other things that you requested
    • To contact and confirm with you certain matters necessary for the provision of the Services
    • To collect your comment and opinion to improve the Services
    • To manage your [registered] information and details of transactions with you (when you are a business partner)
    • To carry out transactions with you (when you are a business partner)
    • To send you necessary documents or other materials, confirm your identity, or address your inquiry or complaint
    • To confirm your application for distribution of our newsletters by email and distribute them to you
    • To request your participation in surveys or events and send you their reports and results
    • Any other cases where it becomes necessary to contact all the Users for some reason
  2. We handle your personal data on the following legal basis where: your consent is given, it is necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by the Company or by a third party, it is necessary for the performance of a contract executed between you and the Company or the preparation of its execution, or it is necessary for the fulfillment of the Company’s legal obligations.
  3. If our handling of your personal data is based on your consent, you may withdraw your consent anytime. However, that withdrawal will never affect the legitimacy of handling your personal data based on your consent before the withdrawal.

Article 4 (Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies)

  1. The Company websites use Cookies and similar technologies for tracking or analysis (collectively “Cookies”) to provide more appropriate services.
  2. Through the Company websites, certain items of your information, such as device information, are transmitted to Meta Platforms, Inc. (“Meta”) to grasp and analyze your website usage. Meta collects and analyzes information about your visit and distributes interest-based ads to you. For Meta’s Privacy Policy, please access
  3. Through the Company websites, certain items of your information, such as your user ID, are transmitted to X, Inc. (“X”) to grasp and analyze your website usage. X collects and analyzes information about your visit and distributes interest-based ads to you. For X’s Privacy Policy, please access
  4. Through the Company websites, we use Google Analytics, one of the services of Google LLC (“Google,”) to measure the frequency or other status of your usage of the Company websites for their improvements and updates. For this reason, certain information, such as URLs and IP addresses of webpages you browsed, is transmitted to Google. For the information that Google Analytics collects and its handling, please access Google’s Privacy Policy and its webpage on “Google’s use of information collected from websites and apps which use Google service.”

Article 5 (Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties)

Unless we obtain prior consent from you, or it is permitted by laws or ordinances, we will not disclose or provide the personal data collected from you to any third parties (excluding third-party contractors).

Article 6 (Management of Personal Information)

We take necessary and appropriate security measures to manage and protect personal data, such as to prevent leakage, loss, destruction, or other damage. Also, we conduct necessary and appropriate supervision of our employees and workers and third-party contractors (including subcontractors and other parties concerned) who handle personal data.

Article 7 (Revisions of Privacy Policy)

We review the provisions of the Privacy Policy as necessary and may add required changes. In that case, the changes will become effective on the release date of the revised version.

Article 8 (Request for Disclosure, etc. of Personal Information)

When we receive a request from you for disclosure, rectification or deletion, suspension of use, or another processing of your personal data retained by us, we will respond to that request according to applicable laws and ordinances after identifying the requesting person through the predetermined procedure.

Article 9 (Security)

Our “Shopping Cart” for the Service is certified by a digital ID issued by GMO Global Sign K.K. When you enter data into the Shopping Cart and transmit it to the Company, all communication between the web browser in your use and the Company server is encrypted by SSL cryptographic communication; thus, all the information entered is safely transmitted to us.

Article 10 (Contact Information)

For any inquiries about personal information, you can contact us at:

Article 11 (The Company Name and Address, and Name of Representative)

Good Smile Company, Inc.
Akiba CO Building, 3-16-12, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
President and Representative Director: Kantaro Iwasa

Article 12 (Language)

The Privacy Policy is available in Japanese, English, and Chinese. In case of doubt, the Japanese version shall prevail. The English and Chinese versions are for reference only.